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Updated information as of January 2014

Welcome to the Jobs Now Wage Subsidy program!  This program provides work opportunities to low-income San Franciscans while offering employers a wage reimbursement for new hires.  The program began with President Obama's stimulus dollars, and it was so successful that San Francisco decided to continue the program on a smaller scale.

Currently, the Human Services Agency is able to offer employers a $5,000 wage subsidy for all new hires of qualified participants.  The subsidy will be paid in $1,000, one-month increments.  That is, for the first five months of a new hire, the employer will receive a $1,000 wage reimbursement.

Interested employers should download the Jobs Now application or call the wage subsidy hotline: 1-877-JOB1NOW (1-877-562-1669).

Information for Job Seekers

JOBS NOW! will provide job opportunities for those who receive employment services from the Human Services Agency.  Contact your Employment Specialist or call 1-877-JOB1NOW if you are interested in the Jobs Now program!

Frequently Asked Questions (updated June 2012)

I was an employer during Jobs Now3.  Do I have to fill out a new employer application to participate in Jobs Now?

No.  If you completed a JN!3 employer application that was approved by HSA since October 2011, no new application is necessary.  You will need to complete a one-page Jobs Now Employer Statement of Intent that lists the new jobs you wish to fill through Jobs Now and outlines the new terms of employer reimbursement.  Your Business Account Representative will contact you to update your existing information and walk you through the new reimbursement process.

How does Jobs Now work?
Once employers are approved, Human Services Agency staff will refer qualified applicants to them.  All hiring decisions are made by employers.  After the new employees start work, employers submit monthly invoices to the Human Services Agency for wage cost reimbursement.  Up to $5,000 in wage costs incurred for each Jobs Now participant you hire will be reimbursed by the Human Services Agency over the course of five months (up to $1,000 in wage subsidy per month).  Employers are expected to retain Jobs Now employees after the subsidy period has ended.

How do I find eligible participants?
The Human Services Agency will assist you in finding appropriate candidates for your job opening.  You will be assigned to a Business Account Representative, who will send you referrals and may invite you to a hiring fair.

Did the program change? 
Yes, Jobs Now has adapted since its inception in 2009, when it was fully funded by President Obama's stimulus funds.  When federal funding ended, the City and the Human Services Agency made a commitment to continue the program with available funds.  The current version of the program, Jobs Now begins July 1, 2012.  It makes the best use of state funding, allowing HSA to offer as many subsidized slots as possible.